Surge of Chi Exerciser
Man Defies Gravity
The human being is close to unique within the animal kingdom in attempting to defy gravity.
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Barriers to Maintenance Work
The human body has a marvellous inbuilt capability for self-correcting action, but this can become blocked through habitual abuse
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What is an Affiliate?
As an Affiliate you will be able to refer potential customers to Energy for Health in return for a commission on all sales generated.

How much can I earn?
10% of the retail price (less any discounts) on all sales generated from your referrals (excluding VAT) will be paid monthly, subject to the following. As our sales allow customers a 30-day return period, we will pay the commission due to you at the end of the month after expiry of this 30-day confirmation period. If the customer returns the product, no commission will be payable to you.

How will my earnings be tracked?
After your appointment you will be given an Affiliate Code, which you will be able to put in the space provided on all order forms. Using this code we will track all customers you refer to us and any visitors from your website and commission will be paid monthly to you in accordance with clause 4 below. We will also give you a monthly record of all transactions on your account;

Note: payments under the affiliate programme are subject to a minimum of £15 per month due to the administration costs, which would not be viable below this level. Any commission due below this level will be kept on your account until an amount of at least £15 in total has been reached.

How do I join?
To become an Energy for Health Affiliate, simply read the Affiliate Programme Agreement, and then register online by clicking where indicated. We will then let you have your unique Affiliate Code.
Please make sure to give your Affiliate Code when you refer orders to us, by marking clearly in the space provided in the bottom right hand corner of the Order Form used by the customers you refer. This can also be done with orders on our website.
Using this code, we will track all customers you refer to us, as well as any visitors from your website (if you have one linked to ours), and commission will be paid monthly on all revenues generated. We will also give you a monthly record of all transactions on your account.

How do I set up a link with your website?
If you would like to set up a link to our website from yours, please send an email requesting this with a link to your existing site. We will then view your site and let you know if this is acceptable.

Affiliate agreement:
Please read the agreement below before registering.

I accept these terms and wish to register