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Man Defies Gravity
The human being is close to unique within the animal kingdom in attempting to defy gravity.
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Barriers to Maintenance Work
The human body has a marvellous inbuilt capability for self-correcting action, but this can become blocked through habitual abuse
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Our Distributor Programme allows a variety of businesses, practitioners and individual users to introduce others to our unique products.

The Programme is designed to make this process as simple and painless as possible, as we recognise that many enthusiastic users may be happy to introduce others to the Surge of Chi Exerciser, but may not be so excited about adding more administrative headaches to their already busy lifestyles.

If you are interested to work with us, please send us an email, and we will forward full details of our Distributor Programme to you.

We also have an Affiliate Programme. As an Affiliate you will be able to refer potential customers to Energy for Health in return for a commission on all sales generated.

If you wish you can register for this programme immediately. To find out more, click here

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