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What is 'passive exercise'?

Exercise comes in many forms. These days we know it is important for health. Doctors and health professionals are always encouraging us to get a varied range of exercise on a regular basis, as modern lifestyles have reduced the amount of exercise that many of us get.

The Surge of Chi Exerciser is a passive exercise machine. It provides a form of exercise which is called ‘passive’ because the user is lying down in a completely relaxed state. They are not expending any energy in giving the body the exercise it needs. The exercise happens in a very balanced way, as the body responds naturally to the movement of the feet from side to side. More importantly, the main impact of this exercise is the rhythmic flexing of the back, shoulders and neck. Most adults in today’s society rarely enjoy this type of exercise in their everyday lifestyles, even if they manage a workout in the gym, go jogging or play sports.

Some might think that the old maxim ‘no pain, no gain’ should apply when it comes to getting exercise. But the body’s need for exercise goes beyond philosophy. Nature based its health maintenance design on the stimulation that happens when all the different parts of the body are exercised. The exercise benefits of the Surge of Chi Exerciser are focused on the torso, rather then the arms and legs – flexing of the torso or trunk of the body stimulates all the major organs and nervous system.

Of course we do not claim that use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser can simulate all the different types of exercise that can be enjoyed in sports or the gym. Nor can it substitute for the more targeted stimulation given by professional therapists. There are many well-qualified practitioners who are able to assess your health condition comprehensively, and to work on areas that need special attention. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your Doctor or therapist if you are suffering from a recurring or chronic physical condition.

Nevertheless, this passive exercise machine gives a very direct exercise experience to the body. We know this because the body very clearly treats the movement as exercise - it spontaneously starts to breathe much more deeply, as it responds to the swinging of the feet, with a very high quality and deep breathing pattern arising from the abdomen. This is where new-born babies breathe from. It is only as we get older and start to hold tension and stress that breathing can start to become more shallow - emanating at the level of the chest.

Why is ‘passive exercise’ valuable?

Within the animal kingdom, only humans stand and walk erect. This means that gravity constantly works against us. As adults we tend to end up with habits of posture and use that lack dynamism and exert pressure on our spine, hips and neck.

It takes energy and consciousness to use the body well. Many of us unconsciously surrender to gravity - and to a state of physical lethargy - as almost all of our energy is directed to the mental tasks we are burdened with. In this state our backs, shoulders and necks can lose their flexibility, and tension accumulates here. Significantly, the average adult in modern society experiences a minimal amount of sideways motion in the spine.

The Surge of Chi Exerciser provides a pure and direct form of exercise for the important spinal area. Most importantly, this exercise is all gain, as it is free from stress. This pleasurable type of exercise actually increases the respiration rate, giving you a consistently deeper breathing pattern as your body responds to the exerciser’s movement, with no strenuous effort needed.