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Energy for Health

Second Phase Practitioner Trial results confirm the benefits of regular use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser

In 2005 Energy for Health undertook a series of trials with 145 health professionals and yoga teachers to assess the benefits of regular use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser. The results of these trials confirmed the ease of use of the Chi Exerciser and its broad range of potential benefits to a much wider audience than those using the first generation of 'Chi Machines', which emerged from Japan in the 1990's and employ a single high fixed speed to stimulate energy.

These trials were based on personal use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser by the 145 Practitioners - who found it to be of benefit in boosting energy; relieving tension, aches and pains in the back, shoulders & neck; reducing stress held in the body; and improving mental clarity and overall wellbeing. Many of the health professionals who took part in the trial are now recommending the Surge of Chi Exerciser to their clients - as well as enjoying using it themselves either at home or between appointments in their clinic.

As these trial results pointed to great potential for use of the Surge of Chi in clinical settings, a second phase of trials was designed to investigate use of the Surge of Chi as an addition to current clinical treatments.

A Summary of the 2nd Phase of trials is available here. A 5-page article on the results of these trials so far was published in the November 2007 issue of Positive Health - see www.positivehealth.com. To read this article now,click here.

The trial included physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, yoga teachers and therapists in many disciplines, whose reaction was very positive. Here are some of their comments:

"Physical benefits: energised, looser, less muscular tension; Mental benefits: clarity & alertness, concentration. I will consider this [for particular] patients/clients, especially as part of the physical rehab and energy aspects of their programmes."
GP, Physician

"It has a soothing rhythmical effect which does help to relax and let go of tensions."
GF, RGN - Matron/Manager

"As the machine is adaptable I believe many people could use it safely, particularly people with static lifestyles or minor health considerations. I am delighted with my own results."
SI, Nurse and Yoga practitioner

"It is good exercise for me as I work long hours in a sitting, bent position and don't have the chance to have a walk every day. Have painful knees due to sitting all day at work. Have had this problem for about 6 months, but knees are beginning to improve. I feel it must be down to the Chi Exerciser. They seem to lose their stiffness after exercising on it. Back and neck feel looser. Don't get as much backache or neck ache. Have more energy. Seem to pack more into my day. Big improvement to my knees. It seems and feels a very natural movement."
MC, Surgical Chiropodist

"It definitely does increase and deepen the breathing; the effect I most notice and value is the grounding it induces - I feel completely different afterwards for a while. It's a fantastic way to exercise the legs and pelvis without the problems which arise from misalignment and impact. It also seems to improve lymphatic function and circulation. For me it helps relieve pain from an old shoulder injury - in arms up position. There are definitely rhythms and speeds which work better with my body's natural movement and I now tolerate (indeed welcome) the higher rates much better - they relieve back and hip ache better. I'm very impressed with the subtlety of the movement."
TG, Shiatsu & Jinshin Practitioner

"Always feel relaxed after session - a profound stillness I have rarely experienced before."
VP, Pharmacist & Yoga Practitioner

"Much more energy and steady through the day. Refreshing sleep. Huge reduction in muscle pain. Body feels generally looser, lighter. I seem to be in a good mood all the time! Feel less stressed, less affected by what's going on around me. The benefits seen in the trial were not just on the physical level. A high percentage of participants found there to be mental and emotional benefits as well, including better clarity of thought, increased concentration and focus, calmer and more stable emotions and a more positive outlook." LF, Physiotherapist

"I can see that just about everyone could benefit from this, even if they're frail and can only use low settings. Having health problems and a dodgy back myself, I had to go gently at first and work through the discomforts etc - so I know the body responds, improves, changes with regular sessions. I'd have confidence in encouraging anyone to work with it."
PP, Complementary Therapist

"I am convinced that the Chi Exerciser does all that it sets out to do. I have suffered from neck, shoulder & back problems for several years and did not realise how bad my posture had become. When stepping off the couch after using machine I walk upright. My circulation has improved considerably and I feel more relaxed. My clients who have severe medical problems are extremely pleased with the effects they have experienced through using the Surge of Chi."
JJ, Reflexologist

"It releases tensions first in the legs and hips and works its way up the spine to the neck and after the treatment one feels very energised. I would recommend this machine to anyone who suffers from tension in the lower back, legs and shoulders."
KB - Allergy Specialist & Body Therapist

"My spine feels now as if it is stretched and opened up - posture definitely improved.
It relaxes me, obviously my lower backache and neck & shoulder stiffness are caused by the work I do. 10 minutes on 130 rpm and the aches and pains are gone."
WC - Massage Therapist

"I would recommend the exerciser to clients who find it difficult to exercise actively and would therefore benefit from passive exercise."
MB, Sports Therapist

"I have used this machine with all my clients, who all say they felt relaxed and energised, releasing tension particularly in the hips. There has been no negative feedback."
JD, Cranio-Sacral and Massage Therapist

"Using the machine is easy and enjoyable, calms the mind while invigorating the body - fantastic combination. My husband has benefited greatly (he has M.S.). I feel its use for people with conditions like this is very exciting - even when the person feels unable to "take" exercise, it's still possible to use the machine and feel its benefits. I think the fact that the use of the machine can be tailored to the individual is excellent. Feel sure it helps with overall good health and well-being but also of use for specific conditions."
AA, Aromatherapist

"With my clients the results have shown a definite improvement in their energy levels, less pain and discomfort, and a great boost to their spirits, so the Chi Exerciser has been a definite success.

As for myself, I cannot believe the difference it has made to my arthritis. I was beginning to get rather worried about it as I am only in my fifties yet could move like someone in their nineties on some days! I am now walking normally, without the swellings, pain and stiffness as well as no longer taking any painkillers whatsoever! I really do feel as though I have got my life back. Reflexology was that it enabled me to work sitting down."
JP, Reflexology and Champissage practitioner

"Thoughts are clearer, more positive outlook. Felt calmer & less anxious - at the end of the 4 weeks felt more on even keel emotionally."
KH, Complementary Therapist

A full report of the Practitioner Trials was published in Positive Health magazine, July 2006 issue and can be viewed here >>> Positive Health Trials. A Summary of the Phase 1 Trial results is also available here.

For further information please contact Hannah McDonald or Richard Millard on 0845 120129 or info@energyforhealth.co.uk.