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Man Defies Gravity
The human being is close to unique within the animal kingdom in attempting to defy gravity.
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Barriers to Maintenance Work
The human body has a marvellous inbuilt capability for self-correcting action, but this can become blocked through habitual abuse
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Press Release

Excerpt from Article on Back Care by an Osteopath in the Daily Mail
6 November 2010

"An expert reveals the gadgets that really will get you ... back in action"

Osteopath, Garry Trainer, reported on six gadgets that can help with back care - but only after pointing out his reservations: "I am a sceptic when it comes to back gadgets. At best many don't work and at worst they could do damage. But I understand that back pain sufferers are often in such agony they are willing to try just about anything, and pay anything, to find relief.

If you have even a moderate back problem for more than six weeks, get it checked out by your GP. If they don’t have anything helpful to say, see an osteopath or other back expert.

In the meantime, it is worth experimenting with some tried and tested gadgets – and, yes, there are some I recommend, despite my reservations. Here are six that I believe really work."

"GARRY SAYS: BEST LUXURY OPTION: The Surge of Chi Exerciser
Great for back maintenance, but this won’t provide pain relief if you already have a problem. Lie down with your feet on the vibrating ankle rests, and eventually the whole body starts to oscillate – it’s a very nice sensation. The effect stimulates the circulation, which keeps the soft tissues loose and supple."

To read the full article, please follow this link DAILY MAIL 6 Nov. 2010