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The human being is close to unique within the animal kingdom in attempting to defy gravity.
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Description of the Product

The Surge of Chi Exerciser is a second-generation chi exerciser designed for the physical and comfort needs of Western physiques. Early chi exercise machines were designed for the typically smaller and lighter body types of Oriental people. The Surge of Chi provides a perfect way to enjoy regular stress-free exercise in the home without any strain or effort.

With the benefit of adjustable speed controls, a cushioned ankle rest and a long-life DC motor, the Exerciser can be used by all members of the family, including the elderly.

The current “Mark 2” version of Surge of Chi has these unique features:

  • Broad speed range from 80 RPM to 160 RPM
  • The swing travel of 1.75 inches / 4.5 cm compares with the 1.5 inches / 3.7 cm travel of first-generation Chi Exercisers. This swings the hips a little further, but more importantly it gives much better mobilization of the whole back.
  • Hand-held controller with LED screen displaying all functions including speed, time of session, auto programme selection
  • Manual dial gives exact speed control ‐ you can adjust to suit your body condition and feeling precisely
  • The LED screen displays the ongoing status of all functions
  • Current speed shows on screen at all times
  • Timer button: you can set the session time to 5, 10 or 15 minutes
  • The elapsed time is continuously updated during a session and displayed on the LED screen so you can check how much time remains, at any time
  • Speed & Timer controlled in increments of one
  • Three pre-programmed Auto-Modes - enjoy varying speeds during the course of a 15-minute session without needing to use any manual controls
  • Leisure Time Mode – relaxing & energizing
  • Oxygen Mode – stimulating & invigorating
  • Sleep Mode – deeply relaxing, many use this before bedtime

The Surge of Chi Exerciser provides a convenient and affordable solution to our need for regular, good quality exercise - without resorting to expensive equipment or demanding time schedules.

For further details, see Technical Details