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About Us

Richard Millard is the Managing Director of Energy for Health, the exclusive global suppliers of all the Surge of Chi Exerciser models. Here Richard introduces the background to the company.

"Energy for Health was formed in 2002 with the aim of offering innovative  tools for maintaining good health in the home, by combining the knowledge and expertise of East & West; North & South. 

"Pictured here with Hannah McDonald (who set up and moderated our Practitioner Trials of the Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2 in the mid-1980's) are Kimiyo and myself at an Exhibition in Olympia, London."

Kimiyo is a State Registered Nurse with many years experience in Japanese hospitals. She has a searching eye when it comes to choosing quality healthcare products, and a deep interest in the many strands of traditional and modern medical knowledge that are evolving so fast these days.

"I have lived in Japan for over 10 years myself, which is where I met Kimiyo. In that time I grew to appreciate the way in which Japanese society blends its traditional understanding and practices with all the research and knowledge that is these days emerging from all corners of the world."

"The Japanese really seem to thrive by learning about anything that WORKS WELL - and then adapting it to their own needs. CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT IS THE WATCHWORD, and QUALITY is the result, no matter what the source of the knowledge, research, technology and materials."

"Our first project at Energy for Health was to research Chi Exercise Machines, a class of passive exerciser – often called ‘Chi Machines’ or ‘Chi Exercisers’ in the West - that has been immensely popular in the Far East for nearly 15 years. The first Chi Exerciser was invented in Japan in 1989, though the Japanese do not refer to them in this way. Their focus was on the exercise benefits - and they simply call this ‘Goldfish Exercise’."

"After becoming hugely popular among the Chinese too, these exercisers later reached the West and became known as ‘Chi Machines’ (after the original model was given this Trade Mark by the Taiwanese company that introduced it to America). The name includes the word 'chi' because of the energising effect these passive exercisers give – based on the Chinese understanding of the benefits that come from stimulating ‘chi’ energy to boost all the body’s functions."

"Energy for Health introduced the Surge of Chi Exerciser - the featured product on this website - in 2003, with an updated model released in 2004. After working closely with many healthcare practitioners and ordinary people over the last 10 years, we have seen what a wide range of health benefits it can potentially bring."
We are now enjoying hearing the many stories of people who have found benefits of many kinds from using the Surge of Chi regularly. We have also been greatly encouraged by the positive response of healthcare professionals – including more than 200 who participated in trials undertaken during 2005 - 2007. Three articles on these trials were published in Positive Health magazine in July 2006, November 2007 and December 2010.

We are working closely with the professional healthcare sector to expand the knowledge base underpinning use of Chi Exercisers in clinics and other professional settings."

"I hope you will enjoy trying this revolutionary passive exerciser - and taking advantage of the Money Back Guarantee we offer with our products."

"Our commitment to high quality products and customer service has been recognised by the Complementary Medical Association, who have awarded us CMA Approved Supplier Status."

Energy for Health is committed to providing a friendly pre- and post-sales backup service to make sure our customers receive help and advice on all aspects of their purchases.


To contact us, please send us an email

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