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Energy for Health’s Surge of Chi® Exerciser range comes from a class of passive exercise machine that has become generically known in the West as ‘Chi Exercise Machines’ - or very often, simply ‘Chi Machines’ – named after the original Japanese model found its way to the West under the trade-marked product name The Chi Machine® (*The Chi Machine® is the registered Trade Mark of Hsin Ten Enterprise USA, Inc.)


The Surge of Chi Exerciser models represent the culmination of decades of therapeutic knowledge and experience, originating on the one hand in Japan and China; and more recently with knowledge of the benefits of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) that were first understood and applied by a Canadian specialist in spinal health in the 1970s.

Before the invention of the first "chi machines", the value of ‘Goldfish exercise,’ as it was affectionately known by the Japanese, was known and practiced in the Nishi-shiki healthcare system, and in Aikido and other Japanese martial arts. It has now become a popular way for millions in the Far East to help their bodies stay young and healthy.

Use of the Surge of Chi is simplicity itself. Simply lie down and relax, with your feet on the padded leg cradles.

  • Let your body respond naturally to the movement of your feet as the Chi Exerciser swings them gently and rhythmically from side to side.

  • Adjust the speed with the dial on the easy to use hand control, finding the rhythm which suits you best.

  • Experience the release of tension as the wave-like motion moves through your body.

  • Notice the boost to circulation of the blood and lymph systems, and the natural deepening of your breathing.

  • Lie still and enjoy the afterglow as the chi energy continues to flow through your body after the Chi Exerciser stops.

  • Savour the sense of well-being that the exerciser helps to create as you let yourself sink into the relaxed state stimulated by this unique form of spinal massage.


Regular use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser can help to bring balance back to bodies suffering from stress and loss of optimum health.

It works at the energy level, boosting circulation of the blood and lymph systems, as well as the flow of "chi energy" – experienced as a tingling sensation throughout the body by many users from their first session.

Among many other potential benefits, it is believed that the exercise and massage effects enjoyed during use of the Surge of Chi Exerciser can stimulate the body‘s systems to absorb higher levels of oxygen. This was the main objective of the Japanese inventor of the original ‘Chi Machine’ - which was the forerunner of the Surge of Chi Exerciser. It is clear that the quality of breathing naturally changes during a session, which indicates that the brain and nervous system naturally treat this movement as exercise.

The Surge of Chi's action to gently mobilize the whole of the back helps to release tension held in the back, neck and shoulders. The Continuous Passive Motion effect is a therapeutic way to help keep your back in good health. Some users also notice the internal massage effect for the organs, such as those in the digestive tract, can help to keep them in balance too.

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