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Surge of Chi Exercisers

Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 3

The Surge of Chi Exerciser [Mark 3 version] is an upgraded version of the basic chi exercise machine that we first introduced over 15 years ago. It is a tried and tested product and a Class 1 Medical Device. It has a heavy-duty 45 watt DC motor with low-friction engineering design. This gives a longer life (3000+ hours under 20kg load), a smoother ride, less noise, greater temperature resistance, and the ability to work efficiently with adjustable speed controls.

The swing speed ranges from about 95 to 150 rpm. You can set the speed using the dial on the hand-held control, and can smoothly vary the speed during each session.

Other refinements over the more basic passive exercise machines in this class, such as the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, include --

  • generously padded ankle rests

  • a broad swing travel, which not only gives more movement at the hips, but also better mobilisation of the whole back than is experienced with the more basic passive exercise machines like the Sun Ancon

  • a slightly elliptical travel of the leg cradle, which facilitates the natural rotation of the hips in harmony with the swinging of the feet

  • some flexibility with the angle of the leg cradle, which adjusts slightly according to the leg length and weight of the user

  • a Heavy-Duty DC motor in contrast with the AC motors of the Sun Ancon and similar products.

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