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Learn more about the most advanced chi exercise machine available worldwide
- and the background to chi machines¹ generally.

Please click here to view a short video presentation on the Surge of Chi® Exerciser

Surge of Chi Exerciser

The Surge of Chi Exerciser

  • Bring vitality and energy to your daily life with this stress-relieving aerobic exerciser.
  • Helps combat the physical signs of aging in under 15 minutes a day.
  • Releases the tension most of us tend to hold on to - in back, neck & shoulders.
  • Enjoy a wonderfully energizing massage effect, along with the many benefits of exercise - while relaxing on your back!
  • Enjoy the surge of chi energy flowing through your body - stimulated by the gentle rhythmic motion created in the spine as your body responds to the oscillation of the exercise
The Surge of Chi Exerciser was launched in the UK in 2002. A series of Practitioner Trials² of the Surge of Chi by health professionals in 2005 to 2007 confirmed that it relieves back, neck & shoulder tension, increases general mobility, reduces stress and boosts energy levels. These Practitioner Trial results showed that the Surge of Chi benefited participants physically, mentally and emotionally.

Chi Exercise machines or “Chi Exercisers” are a type of passive exerciser that originated in Japan more than 20 years ago. They are based on the principle that swinging the feet creates a harmonic response up through the body, which balances energy levels and releases tension. This principle has been used in Japan in various therapeutic and martial arts systems for over 80 years well before the machines were invented.

The principle of Chi Exercisers - first marketed in the West as the Chi MachineTM - was recognised as a remedial medical device in Japan in 1990. The Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2 and its cousin the FlexxiCore* - feature a more advanced specification than any other passive exerciser in this class.

* Full details of the FlexxiCore are available at

You can read more about the Background History behind the Surge of Chi here.

The beauty of the Surge of Chi is that it can be personalised to suit individual needs. Running speeds can be precisely adjusted according to your needs and comfort zone. As well as general improvements in energy levels, back tension & alignment, posture and sleep, a large number of health professionals have reported specific benefits such as improved breathing quality, skin health, mental clarity and focus.

Energy for Health invites you to try the Surge of Chi Exerciser for yourself. We offer a GUARANTEED 60 DAY RETURN PERIOD for you to discover fully the value of this enjoyable exercise - which combines stimulation of the healing and energy systems with relaxation for your body and mind.

¹ "The Chi Machine" is the registered Trade Mark of Chang-Hsiung Pan. The term "chi machine" has become the generic name for this class of passive exercise machine since it was used on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine when this product, based on the original Japanese invention, was first introduced to the West.

² In 2005 Energy for Health undertook a series of trials on the Surge of Chi Exerciser with 145 health Professionals and Yoga teachers. Each practitioner used the Surge of Chi Exerciser on a daily basis and completed a 30-day trial log as well as specific feedback on experience, perceived benefits, speed settings and auto programmes of the Surge of Chi Exerciser. A further phase of trials was conducted in 2006-7 in which practitioners invited selected clients with specific health conditions to use the Surge of Chi for at least 4 weeks. Reports on the Trial results were published in Positive Health magazine, and are available on request. Case Studies from the trials are also available to Health Practitioners on request.

The full report of the trials was published in Positive Health magazine in July 2006.
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