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Amazing relief from my back problems with the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser

Louise Clarkson has been using her FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser for almost 2 years. She kindly sent us this account of her story - which has been published in TalkBack - the magazine of the UK BackCare charity - see page 6:

"My last slipped disc was over 10 years ago. This was because of my desk bound job. It's happened to me twice now. As I result, despite being reasonably flexible because of practising yoga for many years, I was still very stiff. This was particularly bad after strenuous exercise. I would be painfully stiff for days even weeks after this. Nothing seemed to help. I felt old before my time. I was late 30s early 40s at that time.

About two years ago, I moved next door and my new neighbour on hearing about my back problems lent me her Flexxicore Passive Exerciser. It was amazing! It works by encouraging total deep muscular relaxation by it's rhythmic movement of your legs, which travels up your torso. I used it regularly for about a month then found I didn't need to use it as often. (My partner bought me one after week one.) The semi-permanent stiffness had gone! I still use it if I feel I may have overdone it or after a very long walk. I have never felt that blocked up stiffness again since using my exerciser. 15 minutes a day. That's all it takes.

I use the set programmes as they comfortably wind up the motion then take you down again automatically. If I use it during the day I use the second programme which is more energising. In the evening I use the first one because that has a long wind down period so I don't feel raring to go when I should be preparing for sleep.

This can't prevent back problems and it does looks like I have more disc problems brewing because I am still chained to a desk 9 - 5. However using the exerciser regularly again it is definitely helping me. The pains down my legs have all but gone. I get the odd twinge only - usually at work after not moving enough. So I feel it is slowing down the deterioration and I hope, combined with careful exercise, may help resolve the problem without it developing into a full prolapse.

Then a couple of evenings ago the Flexxicore stopped working. I know this is rare because Michele who introduced me to this back saver has had two machines for ages with no problems with either. I was desolate. I needed it working so badly. Anyone who had ever suffered a slipped disk will know why.

Richard Millard couldn't have been more helpful. There were no arguments. He listened, talked my partner through an investigation and then because he happened to be near my place of work, personally delivered the replacement part we needed. As we were able to fix it ourselves with his guidance we got the Flexxicore working again very quickly. Richard did offer to repair it himself. This meant I was without it for only a couple of days which was a huge relief!

What's more, I find I sleep better for using this machine and also, it helps my digestive system. Without going into details your innards get a good massage as well. It's very, very relaxing.

Energy for Health are a very good company to buy from. You will get first class customer service from Richard. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Thank you for supplying a device that really has improved the quality of my life. Thank you, Michele, who not only bought my house but is a lovely wise neighbour and introduced me to the Flexxicore Passive Exerciser and much else besides."

Louise Clarkson, Gloucestershire, August 2017


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